3 Sales Tips for Property Owners

Do you own a property that you’re thinking about selling? Here are some tips to make sure you get the biggest return possible – whether you’re using an agent or going at it alone.

Give your place an update

Do the walls need a re-paint? Is the carpet coming apart? Do your bathrooms and the kitchen need an update? You can add tens of thousands to your return simply by giving your property a minor renovation. By renovating your property, not only do you increase your return – but you also appeal to more buyers.

With the amount of new properties that hit the market daily, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. While you might be hesitant to drop some cash on a property you’re looking to flip – consider it an investment. Your sale price will increase, it will spend less time on the market, you’ll attract more potential buyers, and you’ll give your potential buyers less to ‘pick at’ when reviewing their buying decision!

Furnish the property with basic furniture

When appealing to potential buyers, it’s important to make them feel as much at home as possible – we want the buyer to imagine themselves living in the property. The best way to do this is through adding basic furniture to the unit, perhaps using a stylist. Bring in a lounge, add a TV, include a dining table and make sure there is a bed. Simple items like these can help make your potential buyer feel right at home, and it might just be the final touch that brings them across the line!

Clean, clean, clean.

There’s nothing worse than a dirty property. Make sure you give your place a nice clean to ensure that your guests (and potential buyers!) feel comfortable in the environment, and that they understand they are buying into a property that has been well taken care of. Give the back yard and the front a once-over, make sure the bathroom’s sparkle, give everything in the kitchen a thorough clean and ensure your lounge room or living room is tidy. Last but not least, don’t be afraid to hire a cleaner! The smell of bleach & air freshener far outweighs the stench of mould or dirty socks.

Looking for more information?

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