Home repairs and renovations continue to surge in popularity.  Close to 8.4 million (or 62%) of the country’s 13.6 million homeowners carried out some kind of renovation work during the last 12 months, up from 7.5 million (57%) three years earlier.* Roy Morgan Research

Many landlords have shown interest in home improvement projects by choosing the do-it-yourself option for repairs and renovations. However, even landlords with the best intentions could be placing their tenants’ safety at risk by relying on their own expertise.


Research has shown that up to a quarter (25%) of work completed by DIY landlords, resulted in a professional coming in to rectify or fix the problem/s.


Reality television programs are inspiring landlords to bypass the professionals and conduct their own repairs and renovations to save money instead of calling in a qualified tradesperson.

The outcome is often that DIY renovations and repairs take longer and end up costing more.


Also, if the work isn’t completed to industry standards, the landlords’ negligence could create serious legal liabilities. Landlords should consider whether they have the skills or qualifications to complete the work before getting out their toolbox.


If you are considering undertaking your own renovations or repairs it is important that you speak with your property manager. If you do not have the qualifications, licences required or insurance cover it can also affect our agency’s professional indemnity insurance.


Landlords should not contact the tenant direct, as this can also lead to disputes or complaints between all of the parties.


We are here to assist, manage and care for your property and are only a telephone call or email away.                                       * Roy Morgan Research



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