An ingoing inspection report is an important document for tenants, owners and agents to decipher how a tenant should leave a property at the end of a tenancy.

It provides transparency and an opportunity for the tenant to correct or amend anything (within the first 7 days it should be returned) that they see different with the property that the agent/owner has seen.

Often as agents we see the catchphrase “I have left it cleaner than when I moved in” so often. Sometimes tenants have, but sometimes there is not only cleaning issues, there are damages too that we as agents need to protect our clients from. Accompanied by this report we provide hundreds of colour photos to determine the exact condition of the property.

This all leads to transparency and better working relationship with all stakeholders.

How can this process be improved in Australia? I know in the UK they get independent contractors to conduct this job (at the start and end of tenancies), something that Elevate would actually welcome here in Australia!


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