One of my favourite clients…

It didn’t start that way. Let me rewind only 6 months ago.

Introduced by another real estate agent who I met only a few weeks earlier (another blog post that), we knocked on a house in Surry Hills and waited. Another knock, another wait. I was thinking to myself, what a complete waste of a Saturday morning!

Then literally about 5 minutes later from above, from a small window frame, a little old lady yelled (I will call her Rose) out something and thereafter started a relationship to which I now write this blog post.

Getting into real estate 12 years ago, I knew I wanted to help people in big moments in their life, and I can honestly say I have done that. Whether renting out units, lock up garages, penthouses or whatever, or on the other side selling a ‘dogs’ breakfast’ or a ‘kings lair,’ it is ALWAYS interesting/challenging. Looking beyond the business that we acquire, and the money made, its connections like Rose, is a good reminder about the ‘why.’

When we first started doing business together it is fair to say we butted heads a little, her English was poor, she constantly called on a private number (my pet hate) and she wouldn’t approve some necessary repairs.

Now? I see Rose generally monthly, if not more. As a savvy landlord with 3 x Surry Hills properties (probably valued at least over $4 million), she is a 90 year old lady, can speak basic English, (fading with age) and has trouble climbing the stairs of her own terrace close by.

Rose doesn’t do emails and calling her is difficult with the language barrier. In fact, I hand deliver her statements and invoices and have a chat about her properties to ensure she is well informed. She is as ”smart as a whip” and likes to have a laugh either at my expense, or her daughters (also a grandmother), who is generally there to care for her and is my ‘quasi translator.’

At first, I thought it a bit of punish to hand deliver the statements, but now I enjoy the visits. With me providing the pastries and her providing the Turkish coffee…she now has a habit of force feeding me Vodka and actually sending me on my way with a bottle to say thank you for the service! (every time I might add).

Last week, I volunteered to offer her a lift to Vaucluse to see her sick son in hospice and even then she offered to pay me $50 for fuel money, which I declined of course!

Its moments and clients like these that is from a bygone era but makes you stop and value what a good conversation, great clients and an older generation can provide the soul, whether it business or pleasure, it is always interesting visiting young ‘Rose.’

** Who is your favourite client?

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