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Selling a property is a sensitive and often personal experience to consider, even before money is involved. This is why you need the best possible agent to guide you through the process; this is why you need Elevate.

Selling your property can be done through three methods:

  • Auction (Link to Auction Info)
  • Private Treaty (Link to Private Treaty Info)
  • Expressions of Interest (Link to Expression of Interest Info)


At a Glance:

  • Prospective Buyers bid to purchase your property
  • Competitive atmosphere can drive price
  • No cooling off; sale is final

A visit to any real estate website, or a flick through the paper will indicate the market is in favour of auction sales – in inner city dwellings. When you come in to discuss the terms of your sale with one of our consultants, they might suggest that proceeding to auction is the best possible way to sell your property.

What is an auction, and what can Elevate do for me?

An auction consists of a forum of bidders that will compete for your property. Once the reserve price has been met –the prearranged amount desired for the property to be sold above – the bidder with the highest price at the drop of the gavel wins the auction.

It is an exhilarating and competitive way to sell your property, and here at Elevate, we aim to make the process of an auction sale easy for you. If you decide to sell your property through means of auction, here are some points to consider:

You get out what you put in. It may sound simple, but optimising your property to attain the best possible price often begins at the humblest of beginnings. Making your property inviting, liveable, and relatable to prospective Buyers can have positive effects on how well it performs.

Upkeep of maintenance, removing personal or unusual belongings, and even scenting your property are all ways that allow Buyers to envision themselves at home, and can lead to a surge of bidders wanting to keep that feeling.

You did the work, let them fight for it. Auctions are an effective way of allowing interested Buyers to compete for your property. Pressure and time are further tools of persuasion working for you, and Buyers can sometimes bid emotionally when swept up in the heat of the auction.

Nothing to lose, all to gain! Running an effective campaign for an auction can sometimes open up leads for private treaties, negating the need for the auction itself. This means that by simply initiating the process, you can find a potential Buyer even sooner.

Think an auction sale is right for you, or do you want more information on what Elevate can do for you? Contact us (02) 8315 2070 and one of our sales consultants will help you out!

Private Treaty

At a Glance

  • Agreement between Buyer and seller
  • Greater flexibility negotiation
  • Generally lengthier periods between listing, offer, and sale

When considering entering into a private treaty, you are listing your property for sale with a price already provided for prospective Buyers to preview. Our team at Elevate discuss with you the best possible way to strategically place your property on the market, and calculate the highest amount we believe you can gain. With private treaties, you might also want to consider the following:

There are plenty more fish in the sea. Not happy with the first offer? Don’t stress! Selling your property through private treaty can require some patience, and is often a lengthier process simply because both parties have the opportunity to negotiate. The team here at Elevate aims to maximise the communication you have with a prospective Buyer, and assist in negotiating the best possible price for you.

Lower perceived costs. Unlike an auction, selling your property through a private treaty drives down your overheads, as there is less staff and resources required to lock in a great sale. This means that more of the revenue finds your pocket, and with Elevate, you can trust in us to deliver the best service for the most competitive price.

Interested in selling your property through private treaty, or want more information on the process? Give us a call (1300 65 75 35) and the team at Elevate will give you everything you need!

Expressions of Interest

At a Glance:

  • Effective to gauge the value and demand of a property
  • Extended advertising time to invite offers
  • Considered when selling property off the plan

Listing a property under an expression of interest is usually a way for a Vendor to determine value and reception of their property. The significance of expressions of interest mean that you can find a genuine audience for your property without the commitment of proceeding with a sale.

Expressions of interest entail many of the benefits of selling via private treaty, but incorporate a sense of urgency for prospective Buyers, so it can function similarly to an auction.

Here at Elevate, if you wish to list your property through means of expression of interest, we can help target the most acceptable offer for your property.

Want to learn more about listing your property through expression of interest, or want to enquire about Elevate’s strategies? We’d love to hear from you! Give us a call (02) 8315 2070 to see how Elevate can help you.

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