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Premarketing Strategy

Elevate’s approach to selling property is backboned by focused, personalised, and effective solutions to best represent your property on the market. Your Elevate consultant will discuss with you the best method of sale, and research what can be done to maximise its appeal.

Want to know what method of sale will work best for you and your property? Click here to check out our comprehensive method of sale for tips and strategies.

Prior to listing your property for sale, Elevate will:

  • Organise for our sales team to inspect your property
  • Write to your Solicitor to arrange Contract of Sale
  • Co-ordinate the photographer and other marketing materials
  • Provide you with advertising material for your review and approval
  • Order and install the photo signboard

Marketing Your Property

Introducing your property to the market at the right time, and with the right content, can be critical to its sale success. Once our team has conducted the best possible research and advertising, your property will be ready to enter the market.

Here’s what Elevate will do for you:

  • Distribute advertising of your property to leading real estate channels
  • Engage with prospective Buyers when expressions of interest are shown
  • Co-ordinate inspections in a timely and efficient manner with prospective Buyers
  • Communicate progress and direction with you as the campaign moves forward

Offer and Acceptance

After viewing your property, a prospective Buyer will approach our sales agent and make an offer to purchase. Once an offer has been made, Elevate will provide to you the following:

  • The amount offered, provided in writing
  • The amount of the deposit the Purchaser will pay when contracts are exchanged
  • Any conditions their offer is subject to, such as building or pest inspection, or inclusions to be sold along with the property

Receiving offers for your property does not always indicate the final sale. You might not be offered the price you expected, or initial offers are lower than the listing price. Don’t stress! It’s important to remember:

  • The first offer does not necessarily mean it will be the last
  • Buyers are looking for a deal, and will almost always challenge a listing price
  • Being open to negotiation can help you gauge the reception of your property
  • Elevate will guide you through the process of a counter offer, if the need arises

By partnering will Elevate, our skilled sales consultants will keep communication with prospective Buyers open, competitive, and targeted towards achieving the best possible price.

If both parties come to a final agreement about the offer to be accepted, and the conditions of that offer, this is called ‘Offer and Acceptance’.

Notice of Sale

Congratulations! If you have made it to this stage, it means that you have agreed to the terms of sale with your Purchaser. With Elevate, our service does not stop there. We are here to help you not only sell your property, but maintain how further interests are stored even when an offer has been agreed to. Elevate will:

  • Modify all records of your listed property to reflect that it is now ‘Under Offer’
  • Keep on file any future offers made, in the event sale falls through
  • Co-ordinate with your Solicitor or Conveyancer the terms of the accepted offer

A sign of a good agent is one that respects and appreciates that selling a property does not merely mean locating you a Purchaser. This is why Elevate pride themselves on duty of care we deliver to each and every sale.

Exchange of Contract

The contract of sale is the legally binding document that defines all the terms of the sale, including the conditions of your property, the parties involved, and the agreed upon amount.

Once the contracts have been drawn, you as the Vendor will sign the contract, as well as the Purchaser. This signifies that the legally binding aspects of the contract are now active and valid, and indicates when settlement is expected.

It is important to note that, while Elevate will do our very best to assist where we can, you must liaise closely with your Solicitor or Conveyancer as to the date of settlement, and what is required from you to ensure the settlement commences smoothly.


The settlement is the day scheduled for the property to be transferred to the Purchaser, in exchange for all remaining funds to be paid. This includes the payout for your property.

Prior to settlement, your Solicitor will arrange:

  • Booking settlement with the necessary parties
  • Organise Directions to Pay, Orders on Agent, and Orders on Tenant, if applicable
  • Confirm that the final inspection of your property has been conducted and approved

Settlements are generally allocated a thirty-minute slot, after which the outcome is advised to us, and you will be notified. A settlement typically consists of four parties:

  • The outgoing mortgagee, if your property is mortgaged
  • The Solicitor or conveyance acting on your behalf
  • The Solicitor or conveyance acting on the Purchaser’s behalf
  • The incoming mortgagee, if the Purchaser requires finance

Once your property has settled, your Solicitor or Conveyancer will advise our office in writing, instructing that the property has settled and our office is authorised to release keys to the Purchaser.

We will also receive written confirmation from the Purchaser’s Solicitor or Conveyancer advising that settlement has occurred and that we are at liberty to release any deposit held in our trust account.

If we are holding a deposit in our trust account, our office will deduct our professional fee from this deposit and forward you the remaining balance. If there is nil deposit held in trust, or the deposit does not cover our professional fee, your Solicitor or Conveyancer will forward the balance to our office.

Have further questions, or want Elevate to sell your property? Give us a call on 1300 657 535, our enthusiastic sales staff are here to help! Alternatively, head over to our free appraisal page, and see how the team at Elevate can unlock the potential of your property!

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