Some of the traditional methods are known…

  • The paper/magazines? – not with us, not for rentals. For sales…maybe, but unlikely in this day and age. We like to promote the property, not the brand! (yes, that is a dig at our general competition)
  • The internet – yes, more about this below
  • Database/Newsletter – yes, this still works for ‘off market opportunities’ and relocation agents and their clients
  • Other properties (open homes we host) – we meet prospective tenants at other properties and they ask ‘what else have you got’ – we tell them.
  • Window displays – no, we wish not to pay exorbitant rent to be in retail space when we don’t have too, but rather display our advertisements beautifully online
  • domain.com.au – more predominant in the eastern suburbs of Sydney
  • realestate.com.au more predominant in the westernsuburbs of Sydney
  • rent.com.au – WA based company, gaining traction in NSW
  • rentfind.com.au – small player, but a few enquiries are trickling in
  • realty.com.au – small player again, but we are on their for free
  • homely.com.au – as above

As Agents we need more competition like this to keep the duopoly of domain and realestate in check as their prices are becoming increasingly expensive, sometimes which we have to absorb, or clients do.

Where did you find your last rental? Or where would you look? What is the best portal from the above?

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