Yes, yes it does.

We are no copy-writing experts, but what are the ways a buyer, tenant or prospective client can evaluate your ability to communicate their properties online?

You have the key elements of pretty pictures – they constantly say it speaks a thousand words. This is a no- brainer. They must be beautiful, accurate and professional.

Same again for a floor plan – to give the viewer an essence of the space, layout and whether they can swing a cat inside the living room for example.

But one thing that is often overlooked (in rentals), is well written, fun and engaging copy. To reduce the amount of spelling mistakes, grammar and syntax is such a key feature and seemingly obvious, but why do we see it so often!?

At Elevate, we like to break down our ads into 3-4 key areas as below. It keeps us (and hopefully and importantly the reader) focussed on what we have on offer.

1.    The actual property itself

2.    The building or the street

3.    The location/suburb attributes and proximity highlights

4.    Then finally the essential details like whom to contact, when the auction date is or when the property is available etc.

Intermixed with this, we have a bit of fun with the words and the viewer to:

1. Not put them to sleep and

2. To stand out. There is no point in trying to sell a property without the sizzle.

We are by no means perfect, but what would you, the reader of property ads online, see the most important feature of a good property ad?

·        To get a ‘feel’ for our ads, please check our listings from our website. Google Elevate Property Group.

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